How to read ext4 partition in Windows 10/8/7?

How to read ext4 partition in Windows 10/8/7?

If you use Windows next to Linux, sooner or later you may need to copy files from one operating system to another. When copying from Windows to Linux, there will be no problems as Linux perfectly opens the file systems of the NTFS family, but it’s not so easy to open the ext4 file system on the operating system from Microsoft.

In this manual, I’ll describe the easiest way to connect ext4 to Windows.

The open source community developed an open ext2fsd driver for ext file systems.

How to read ext4 partition in Windows: installing EXT2FSD driver

Download the installer for your OS version from the official program website or from sourcefoge. The installation process should not cause any difficulties and be reduced to pushing the button further in the installation wizard, as usual when installing programs in Windows. Only this window is of interest:


  • Make Ex2Fsd automatically started when system boots – automatically loads the driver during system boot.
  • Enable write support for ext2 partitions – support for writing to the ext2 file system
  • Extable support for writing to the ext3 file system
  • Set the necessary checkboxes and click the button a few more times.


The main window of the program looks like this:

Here, the list shows all available partitions, their size, and the file system. To mount any of the partitions, double click on it:

There are two options for mounting:

Automaticly mount via Ext2Mgr – the partition will be connected now, but only until the reboot

Mountpoint for fixed disk – permanent automatic connection of the partition at system startup.

From the right of the mount method field, you can select the drive letter to mount.

Also in the “Hiding files with prefix field”, you can specify which prefixes the files should be considered hidden, as you know in Linux files with a point prefix are considered to be hidden.

When you specify all the required settings, click Apply.

Now opening My computer you will see the connected drive:

Using the Ext2fsd driver, you can work with your Linux partitions as with normal NTFS or FAT.

We hope you understand, how to read ext4 partition in Windows. Know other ways how to do this? – tell us.


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