Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone

Short Description: In this article, we’ll talk about why Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone.

Soon the first months of summer will begin, which means that it’s time for training, sports and recreation. I decided to join the race and bought myself a fitness tracker Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi. The bracelet allows you to measure the pulse, the number of steps, monitor sleep, and track the route and speed during training. This is very convenient, especially if you are a beginner and are not used to running at the same pace or want to constantly monitor the pulse and other indicators. Of additional features: during calls or messages in Android-applications, the bracelet provides graphic signals and vibrates. In addition, there is an alarm clock.

To communicate with the application Mi Fit on the Android-based device, the bracelet uses Bluetooth, and here lies a huge problem. Many users, including me, are faced with the problem of the first connection of the bracelet to the phone. The device stubbornly does not want to see the bracelet, and if it does, it constantly returns an update error. In this article, I’ll explain why this happens and what to do when Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone.

Why Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone?

Let’s first figure out why the bracelet does not connect to the phone. There are several reasons for this:

  • The battery is exhausted – check the battery of your bracelet, maybe it is discharged. Charge it 100% before starting to connect;
  • Standard advice – it’s possible that your system has something buggy or does not work. Disable and enable Bluetooth, and restart the application, you may need to reboot the device;
  • Operating system – to work the bracelet it is necessary that your phone has an operating system from Android 4.4 and higher. On Android 4.2, the Mi Fit application simply does not install or will generate an error on startup. Only the firmware update will help. Fortunately, there are plenty of custom operating systems for most devices;
  • Version Bluetooth – for connection Mi Band 2 with the smartphone requires support for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. You can check if your device supports this technology using the Bluetooth Device Info application. It would be better to do this before buying. But the good news is that most devices released after 2011 already support it. Low Energy support is optional, but desirable.
  • Firmware Mi Band 2 – if you have a new bracelet, only from the factory, then it will have a new firmware. But if it has been lying for more than a year in the warehouse, then, most likely, the firmware on it is obsolete, because the company constantly releases updates. This can cause connection problems – you need an update. But Xiaomi could not make a normal application, and it copes with the bracelet in such situations with a creak. How to eliminate this trouble, we will consider below.

What to do if Mi Band does not connect via Bluetooth

Many users advise to close the contacts to reset the settings, put the device in the refrigerator to discharge the battery, connect to another smartphone. I have not tried all this, so I will not advise, although you can watch this video:

Another advise is to install the old version of the Mi Fit application and connect through it. Also tried – it does not work, apparently, the developers have already changed the authorization protocol, so the program simply does not accept the login and password. I’ll tell you about my method of what to do if the phone does not see mi band 2, which I found by accident. In my opinion, this should work, even if you have already connected the bracelet to the phone, and then reshuffled it. Although this I did not check. So, the situation: the bracelet is fully charged and lies next to the phone, the newest Mi Fit application is installed. You launch the application, register, choose a search for a bracelet and … nothing, the bracelet is not:

Open Google Play and download the Mi Band Master application.

Open the downloaded application and select “Settings“, and then “Snap Mi Band“:

For some strange reason, the standard application mi band 2 is not connected via bluetooth, but this third-party finds the bracelet perfectly and displays it in the list. Apparently, the program can work with this version of the firmware:

Now an important point. Put the bracelet on your right hand and in the same hand, take the phone, so that the bracelet does not move relative to the phone. I do not know if it plays a role, but my firmware upgrade was successful only under such conditions. Now click on the device in the list. The selection of the authorization method opens, select “Authorization via Mi Fit”:

Then again launch Mi Fit, and now the bracelet appears in the list of available – excellent! ”

Click on it, then when the bracelet vibrates, click on it to confirm the authorization. Immediately after this, the installation of firmware will begin. Remember, the device should not move. When the update is complete, the latest firmware version will be installed.

After that, you can fully use the bracelet, and the Mi Band Master application can be removed. By the way, the dressing for another device also worked for me only through Mi Band Master: if the program does not see mi band 2 bracelet, it is enough to hold the button on the bracelet during the search, and he immediately appeared in the list, and then on the above described scenario, once the bracelet is determined by one application, it will appear in the other. After successful synchronization, the bracelet will automatically connect when you start Mi Fit without any problems. A problem like ‘the phone does not see mi band 2’ should no longer arise, but perhaps the application will need a little time to synchronize.

That’s all! We hope that the problem with the fact that Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone is solved.


Immediately at the first attempt to connect I had an assumption that the problem of ‘mi band 2 does not connect to the phone’ only touched me because of the rather old phone model, but if you look at the statistics from Yandex, you can see that this query is quite popular . A large number of people face such a problem every month, and it’s unfortunate that Xiaomi does not want to pay attention to it.

I hope the information in this article will help you to solve the problem of ‘Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does not connect to the phone’, and your bracelet will work fully. Anyway, now you have another way of action, if the phone does not find mi band 2. If it helps, unsubscribe in the comments! And I wonder if anyone else had a problem with the update?


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