The best Linux distros of 2018

The best Linux distros of 2018

In this article we will tell you in detail about the advantages, one or the other, of the system version for your device.

The best Linux distros of 2018

As we know, Linux is a very flexible and customizable system for all types of users. This is the main advantage of the system among its competitors.

And although the system is quite extensive and easy, there are a lot of “heavyweight” and profile-optimized categories of distributions in its ecosystem. We’ll tell you about the most convenient distributions for a laptop. Now, we will try to take into account all the nuances of the system for 2017 and tell you about them. The main criteria are: optimization, interface and support among the community.

Elementary OS

The best Linux distros of 2018As the developers themselves say, this is an excellent alternative for both Windows and MacOS users. For the latter, this is especially noticeable, because the interface of the system very much resembles the latter. Based on this assembly, a group of designers whose purpose was to create something of high quality and interesting in the world of Linux systems. Did they have it, everyone decides. In any case, you can download it and use it on your device.

Pros: Convenience, ease of development, the normal size after installation, its optimized software, attention to detail and interface.

Also, perhaps, in pluses you can include the similarity with MacOS


This is a great version of GNU / Linux for a laptop. Moreover, this system is the most popular assembly on the core. It is worth noting the fact that the development of the company is sponsored by Mark Shuttleworth. And in the team of Canonical Inc. there are guys from different companies in this field.

Of course this is a very cumbersome system, but if you have a fairly powerful laptop and want everything to be set up and installed right after installation then this is the best option for this. At once you will be given a selection from the software that is used by most Linux users. It’s like a browser for web surfing, and an alternative to Word from Microsoft called LibreOffice. And speaking honestly, for a novice Linux user it’s the best choice in the category “The best Linux distros of 2018”.

Pros: Convenience, interface, constant development, frequent release of updates, optimization, its application store and an extensive community.


It is one of the three most popular systems in its environment. Also known for its similarity with Windows. Very easy to learn version for your device. Even the motto of the repository says this. The main advantage is to simplify the interaction of the system with a novice Linux user and help him in all the nuances at work.

After installation, you do not need additional programs to watch video or music. Even the codecs are already pre-installed and configured. An excellent contender for the title of “The best Linux distros of 2018”.

Pros: Convenience, vast community, ease of learning

Arch Linux

Very light and productive. But designed for confident PC users. You can even say more: if you want to learn all the subtleties of the system and the kernel, then you need to install this assembly.

To do this, the developers have created a special section for training users of the system. You will gradually begin to “get involved” in the programming world and simple commands in the system. But we recommend this distribution to the list of “The best Linux distros of 2018” only for those who want to learn how to program and be more advanced user.

Pros: Productivity.

Remix OS

This is a unique system based on Android. Developers have set a goal to bring a system for laptops. And since the system is based on Android then there is a huge amount of software. You can easily install Remix OS on your laptop and use it right after installation. It is very easy to learn and is maximally adapted for mouse control. Also, it is based on a lot of ideas that developers promise to add with new versions.

The operating system has a very soft and “warm” interface with the taskbar and the Start menu like the Windows family.

Pros: Easy to learn, interface, convenience, just a huge number of programs and games for the system from Google Play and constant development.


Very stylish and convenient distribution. Which is very fast developing. It is included in the list of the most recommended for installation to novice users. And in general it is very interesting for installation. After installation, you will have a set of preinstalled software, which will include all the most important for a regular user. Comes with its own application store. There you can find a huge number of programs to install.

Pros: Easy to learn, interface.

Chrome OS

In this case, the name speaks for itself, and in the best possible sense. Google introduced a new system based on Linux in which the emphasis is on performance and speed. The system is launched almost instantly and is closely integrated with the company’s services. The very system of Chrome OS is very easy and has its advantages. If you use your laptop to print and watch YouTube then this is a good option for you.

Pros: Speed ​​of work, similarity with Windows, Google support, convenient management, interesting functions.


We hope that we helped you choose the best Linux distros of 2018. If you liked the material, be sure to share a link to it on social networks.


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